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Principal's Message

The Academy of Innovation is Hemet Unified School District's newest K-12 school, providing unique and innovative opportunities for learning for students in all grade levels. We provide the opportunity for students in grades K-12 to participate in school in different formats, including online, blended, and traditional seat-based four days per week (four days per week only available for high school students). Our teachers, staff, and administration are well-versed in the independent study and online education worlds and have years of experience providing unique educational opportunities for students seeking alternative options. 
Students in grades K-8 can engage in schoolwork through the virtual option. Students in the virtual program work with a with a fully credentialed California teacher while engaging in Hemet Unified's core curriculum. K-8 students can also participate through the blended program that allows them to come on campus for instruction two days per week (three for middle school elective opportunities and tutoring). 
High school students at the Academy of Innovation can choose the virtual or blended options described above, with the addition of Edgenuity for all online courses in place of courses with Hemet Unified's core curriculum. Additionally, high school students can decide on the traditional option and come to school four days a week. Students in the seat-based program will engage in authentic learning experiences, with opportunities to collaborate with peers in a project-based, service-learning format. 
If you are interested in attending The Academy of Innovation and have questions about how we can make our program(s) work for you, please reach out to the school site. We pride ourselves on being able to say "yes" to students and families looking for an alternative educational path.